There are plenty of ways of making money on the net without requiring Internet marketing knowledge and I have introduced a number of them in the previous posts of this blog. For easier searching, I decided to combine them into this post. Here are them:

Work Online for Others and are freelance marketplaces with tons of online job opportunities. Getting an online job through freelance marketplace is similar to getting an offline job, it involves competitions. You search for an online job that is right for you in freelance site, then you bid for the job. If your bid is the lowest, the employer will usually award the job to you.

Another site offers online job opportunities is Unlike freelance marketplaces, there are no bidding competitions involved. They will assign the work to you. But to become their home-based professionals or workers, you must pass a difficult test.

Submit Articles for Cash
If you are passionate about writing, you may submit your articles to the below sites for publication and earn cash for each article published: - Accept articles related to web development and Internet marketing. (AC) - You become their member and submit articles in wide array of topics for payment consideration. Available to US only.
Newsforge - Pay $100 to $300 for each article about Linux, open source and free software.

Try Companies Offers
The concepts are simple. You join a website that contains a list of offers you can sign up or try. For each offer completed and approved, you'll be credited an amount of money into your account. Most of the offers available to US residents only. is one of the programs allows you to earn by completing offers.

Submit Photos and Images to Photo Agencies
Web designers, magazines and press need new photos and images often. They will look for photo marketplaces and agencies to buy photos that fit their need. You can submit your photos and images to these agencies and they will sell the photo and images for you. Below are some of the photo agencies:

Write Products Reviews
Have something to say about the products and services you have used? Send your product comment to products reviews websites. If they decide to publish your review, you'll be paid. - Reviews software and online games. - Plenty of product categories to review.

Be a Paid Bloggers
Here are the blog networks you can apply for a blogging position:

Upload Videos
Large video sharing websites like Metacafe and Break willing to pay people for uploading interesting videos such as funny, amazing and entertaining videos. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollar, if your original video attracted tons of views in these video sites.

81 Very Useful Affiliate Marketing Resources

Whilst the idea of selling a product on behalf of another company or person has existed for a long time, affiliate marketing itself was born in November 2004, but has only really taken off in the past few years. New generations of affiliate marketers are raking in massive per month profits, and more people are starting to experience profits through this method. Here is a list (which is by no means definitive) to help you get started - please feel free to suggest anymore if you so wish!

Keyword Tools

If you are creating websites, or even pages, to target specific affiliate programs you will need to know what keywords to target. Additionally, many affiliates use PPC ads, which is heavily dependant on keyword research:

    1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool - Get keyword suggestions with some search and competition stats.
    2. Keywords Analyzer - One of the leading keyword tools, especially for PPC marketers ($97).
    3. Wordtracker - Another leading keyword tool ($329 for one year subscription).
    4. Wordze - Another subscription-based tool ($35/month).
    5. Overture - A popular keyword selector tool.
    6. SEOBook - Several different keyword tools.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Many affiliate marketers own a number of different websites. The cost of hosting these sites can be very affordable if you choose a host that offers multiple domain hosting. These are just a few of the options:

    1. Host Gator - Shared hosting at $6.95 per month.
    2. DreamHost - Great plans, great prices with loads of bandwidth and diskspace.
    3. Bluehost - Affordable, Reliable, Web Hosting Solutions.
    4. Carolina Hosting Service - Blogtrepreneur’s personal host.
    5. Media Temple - Awesome recommendations, grid and dedicated hosting.
    6. Rackspace - Managed, dedicated and scalable web hosting for businesses.

Domain Names

If you’re operating affiliate websites, you will need to purchase domain names. Here are a few of the low-cost providers:

    1. GoDaddy - $9.99 per year (and lower).
    2. NameCheap - $9.41 per year with free WhoisGuard.
    3. Proud Domains - Cheap, affordable domain names.
    4. AffiliateJackpot - Great registrar for domaining affiliates.
    5. 1&1 - $6.12 per year with free private domain registration.
    6. MyDomain - $8.75 per year.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks manage the affiliate programs for hundreds or even thousands of different companies. They make it easier for you by combining payment from multiple programs into one check and by giving you one place to go to for management of your campaigns:

Affiliate Program Directories

If you are searching for a specific type of affiliate program there are a number of directories that can help you find the right one:

Tools To Create PDFs

Many successful affiliate marketers create and distribute e-books with embedded affiliate links. As the e-book becomes widely distributed and read by hundreds or thousands of people, considerable commission is possible. Here are some resources to help you with creating a PDF e-book:

    1. Adobe - Create your first five PDFs for free.
    2. Open Office Writer - The word processor that is part of Open Office includes functionality for creating PDFs, and it is free software.
    3. CutePDF - A free download for creating PDFs.
    4. pdf995 - Another free PDF creator.
    5. PDFCreator - Another free program.

Email Auto Responders

The top affiliate marketers have built large mailing lists with which to promote their affiliate products. Here are some of the options for setting up an auto responder and managing a mailing list:

    1. GetResponse - One of the leaders, a turn-key email marketing service.
    2. AWeber - Another leading program with all of the features.
    3. FreeAutoBot - A free auto responder. Doesn’t have the features for managing a mailing list.
    4. iContact - Email marketing and survey software.

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? These blogs regularly produce content that will help you to improve your results:

Affiliate Marketing Forums

Forums are often the best places to get real feedback about your campaigns, and to talk about the latest affiliate marketing news. Here are a few of my personal favourites

One of the oldest, largest, and most successful affiliate programs in the world. With Amazon you can promote just about any type of product you want:

Ad Rotators

If you are interested in rotating your banner ads to promote different affiliate programs there are several resources available:


    1. Openads - An open source advertising community.
    2. Bannersoft - Ad management and delivery software ($99).
    3. adButler - Ad management program with free and paid (starting at $5.95/month) versions.

PPC Credits

If you plan to use pay-per-click ads to market affiliate products, here are two offers that you won’t want to pass up:

This post was written by Steven Snell.

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